France: the Climate Plan of the Ministry of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition provides a tax on HFC refrigerants.

Nicolas Hulot, French Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, unveiled France's Climate Plan on July 6, 2017. Tax incentives on alternatives to HFCs will soon be introduced.

On July 6, French Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition Nicolas Hulot unveiled France’s Climate Plan. This twenty-page document aims to mobilise the French government to make the Paris Agreement irreversible, to promote ecological initiatives, but also to phase out fossil fuels and work towards carbon neutrality.

Within this framework, the 10th policy proposal of the Climate Plan aims to extend carbon pricing mechanisms to other greenhouse gases, including HFCs. France is therefore expected to introduce higher taxation on HFCs in the near future, in line with the commitments made under the Montreal Protocol. This taxation could create opportunities that could help fund renewable energies.

This type of tax has existed in Spain since 2014.

For more information, consult France's Climate Plan (p.9 for the part on HFCs) (in French) by clicking on the link below.