IIR website: best downloads in 2022

Discover the three most popular IIR publications in 2022. The focus is on the economy, women in refrigeration, and the carbon footprint of the cold chain. 

The three most popular IIR publications in 2022


Since the launch of the new IIR website in 2020, there has been a significant increase in the number of downloads. The most successful documents are the IIR Informatory Notes. These are synthetic and accurate documents, written by IIR experts. The topics covered are varied and reflect current knowledge in the field of refrigeration. Informatory Notes are freely available to IIR members as soon as they are published, and in open access 6 months after publication. A summary for decision-makers is systematically published in open access. All the Informatory Notes are available in the "Publications" section of the header of the website, or following this link: https://iifiir.org/en/iir-informatory-notes.



In 2022, the most downloaded document in FRIDOC was the Informatory Note on the Role of refrigeration in the global economy. Published in 2019, it highlights the importance of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector in economic, social and environmental terms. The importance of the refrigeration economy is expected to increase further in the coming years due to the strong growth in the need for refrigeration in many areas and to global warming. As of 2019, the United Nations has made refrigeration a global priority. This note is available in English and French.



Women in cooling cover


The second most downloaded document in FRIDOC in 2022 is also a synthetic document, published jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It is the results of a survey on women's work in the refrigeration sector. Women are particularly under-represented in the field: only 6% of the members of national associations or organisations in the refrigeration sector are women. The survey aims to better understand the reasons for this low representation. The report is available in English, and will soon be translated into French.  




Finally, current environmental issues are also highlighted in the IIR's Informatory Notes. The third most downloaded document is about The Carbon Footprint of the Cold Chain. According to our estimates, 12% of food produced globally was lost in 2017 due to a poor cold chain. The note presents a comparison between the current cold chain and an improved cold chain. The results of our calculations indicate that a reduction of almost 50% in CO2 emissions could be achieved by improving the level of equipment in developing countries. This note is available in English, French and Spanish.






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Informatory Note


The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide nutrition (2020)


The 6th IIR Informatory Note on The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition draws on the latest figures and findings from reputable organisations such as the FAO, the United Nations and the Global Cold Chain Alliance to demonstrate the essential role that efficient cold chains can play in improving global food security.

An update of previous versions published by the IIR in November 1996 and June 2009, this Note emphasises the importance of refrigeration by proving that a more efficient cold chain can significantly reduce food losses and thus improve food safety and security in a sustainable way.

Some key figures:

  • over 13% of all food is lost due to a lack of refrigeration
  • an improved cold chain could feed 950 million inhabitants per year
  • more than 1,600 million tons of food are lost and wasted every year

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IIR Working group: CAreers in REfrigeration


CaRe is an IIR working group that aims to make refrigeration more visible to the general public and inspire a young generation to join this exciting field. Refrigeration is a thriving industry, which offers excellent career opportunities for people with all kinds of interests and skills. From working in the laboratory developing new kinds of refrigerants to designing the refrigeration systems of the future or out on the road as an engineer installing and repairing equipment – there is a career available for all!


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Encyclopedia: Heat pumps stock in Europe


This article presents a table with the stock of installed heat pumps, the CO2 emissions avoided and the number of jobs in the heat pump sector in Europe.


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