New IIR Informatory Note on automotive air conditioning

The latest IIR Informatory Note presents recent technological trends in automotive air conditioning, in particular for electric cars, and outlines the challenges in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction. 

The IIR has just published a new Informatory Note on automotive air conditioning, prepared by Changqing Tian, Huiming Zou and Xianting Li (President of IIR Commission E1 "Air Conditioning"). 

Air conditioning has become the standard configuration in automobiles nowadays, as it brings more comfort and safety to the occupants. Given the energy and environmental impact of automotive air conditioning systems, optimising their energy performance and limiting their CO2 emissions is crucial. 

The objective of this Informatory Note is to present the state of the art of technologies in terms vehicle interior environment control, component optimisation and energy efficiency improvement. 

The major trends for the future are also exposed: the search for low carbon emissions, synergistic integration and intelligent thermal management. 

Since air conditioning technologies for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles are relatively mature, this note focuses more on new developments in electric vehicles and in particular 100% electric cars, whose penetration rate is expected to reach 37% by 2030 worldwide. 

The note concludes with a series of recommendations for decision-makers in terms of research and development and training of professionals. 

This Informatory Note can be downloaded from FRIDOC by following this link (free for IIR members).

A Summary for policymakers outlining the main conclusions and recommendations of this Informatory Note is also available in open access.