New IIR Informatory Note on solar cooling and other new publications

The IIR has just published an Informatory Note on solar cooling and has posted the Chinese version of the Informatory Note on the role of refrigeration in worldwide nutrition on its website.

. The IIR has issued a new Informatory Note on solar cooling, prepared by Renato Lazzarin, President of IIR Section E. In this updated version of a previous note published in 2017, the author presents the two main options for solar cooling i.e. photovoltaic (PV)-driven vapour compression systems and heat-driven cooling machines powered by solar collectors in terms of energy efficiency and cost. He stresses that the investment cost for the PV solution is at least half that of other systems and concludes that in countries with good insolation, photovoltaic solar cooling technology may be considered mature to compete with conventional cooling systems

A summary for decision-makers, accessible to all, summarises the main conclusions of this Informatory Note. 


Download the note: (free for IIR members) 


. In addition, thanks to the cooperation of the Chinese Refrigeration Association, the Informatory Note "The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide nutrition" has been published in Chinese and is downloadable in open access:  


. Still in the field of solar cooling, the IIR has just put online the book "Le froid solaire : enjeux et perspectives", written by Ahmed Chikouche, former IIR Delegate of Morocco, and Wassila Chekirou. This book, prefaced by Didier Coulomb (Director General of the IIR), is available in French and can be purchased in FRIDOC, the reference documentary base on refrigeration: 


. Finally, it it is worth mentioning the availability in French of the course "Échangeurs de chaleur, cours et exercices corrigés " written by Souheila Mellari, from the University of Constantine in Algeria. This course is freely accessible via FRIDOC: