New IIR Informatory Note: The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition

In line with its corporate objective to promote knowledge of refrigeration and associated technologies and applications on a global scale, the IIR has published a new Informatory Note on “The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition”.

The 6th IIR Informatory Note on The Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition draws on the latest figures and findings from reputable organisations such as the FAO, the United Nations and the Global Cold Chain Alliance to demonstrate the essential role that efficient cold chains can play in improving global food security.


“The deployment of an efficient cold chain is essential for global food security”


An update of previous versions published by the IIR in November 1996 and June 2009, this Note emphasises the importance of refrigeration by proving that a more efficient cold chain can significantly reduce food losses and thus improve food safety and security in a sustainable way.


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Some key figures:
  • over 13% of all food is lost due to a lack of refrigeration
  • an improved cold chain could feed 950 million inhabitants per year
  • more than 1,600 million tons of food are lost and wasted every year
  • 63% of all food losses come from developing countries.


Designed to meet the needs of decision makers worldwide, a complementary Summary Sheet for Policymakers outlining the key issues identified in the full version of this IIR Informatory Note is also available.


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