New in our Encyclopedia: cryogenics in the pharmaceutical industry

This summary document presents the potential applications of liquid cryogens in the pharmaceutical sector. 

The IIR has just released on its website a new summary document on cryogenics in the pharmaceutical industry. The document was prepared by Midhun Joy (Senior Research Scientist - Life Sciences Group, Air Liquide) and Srinivas Vanapalli (University of Twente, member of the A2 Commission on “Gas liquefaction and separation”). 


Recent advancements in the cryogenics sector utilizing based on liquified- gas based cryogens offer significant potential for the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to their vital role in the development and optimal storage of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), these cryogenic processes are also capable of enhancing the bioavailability of drug formulations. 


Cryogenics in the pharmaceutical industry: drug design and bioavailability improvement 



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