SOFRIGAM at the heart of the cold chain for the COVID-19 vaccine

The French company SOFRIGAM, a member of the IIR for more than 10 years, has received a qualification for its packaging that enables vaccines against COVID-19  to be stored at very low temperatures. 

The vaccines marketed by Pfizer-BioNTech are currently distributed in France.  They must be stored at a temperature of  –70°C, which raises important logistical issues.  The cold chain from the manufacturing plant in Belgium to the vaccination centers involves several crucial stages, including transport. 


It is in this context that the French company SOFRIGAM has adapted its packaging solutions by creating insulated boxes t within a very short time so that the vaccine can be transported at  –70 ° C. 

Each package is insulated with polyurethane and can store the vaccines for 30 days using a dry ice refill that must be replaced every ten days. 

After thawing, the vaccine can be stored for 5 days at refrigerated temperature (2-8 degrees).


SOFRIGAM has been an IIR corporate member since 2008.