The first LNG freight locomotive in the Baltics

An Estonian company is testing the first LNG-powered locomotive in the Baltic countries. Significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are expected.

For several months, the Estonian logistics company Operail has been testing a prototype freight locomotive running on liquefied natural gas (LNG). The actual commissioning is planned for autumn 2021.


The prototype is a diesel locomotive that has been retrofitted to run on both LNG and diesel. The locomotive has been equipped with LNG systems as well as new control and safety systems. The pre-existing fuel tank, which could hold almost 18,000 litres of diesel has been divided into sections: diesel tanks at the edges and LNG tanks in the middle. The locomotive can run on diesel if LNG runs out.


The company anticipates a significant environmental impact for this locomotive. In addition to a 30% reduction in fuel costs, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is also expected: about 20% less CO2, and up to 70% less for sulfur oxide.




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