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  • Benefits of closed display cabinets for food preservation

    A recent article in the IJR shows that in comparison to an open display cabinet, a closed display cabinet achieves lower product temperature and better temperature homogeneity, even with a high door-opening frequency.

    • Publication date : 2019/08/29
  • Briefs: Open units or with glass doors?

    When glass doors are used in refrigeration units, the energy savings are as a rule indicated as being "up to" 40%. Very often these figures are based on experience in a typical climate (25°C and 60% air humidity) with standard opening frequencies...

    • Publication date : 2009/05/18
  • Ultracold polar molecules

    Scientists at JILA, a joint institute of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder), have applied their expertise in ultracold atoms and lasers to produce the first high-density...

    • Publication date : 2008/10/22
  • Data centre cooling

    Data processing environments were estimated in 2006 to consume about 1.5% of the total electricity in the US. Data centre power consumption has roughly doubled in the last 5 years and is expected to double again in the next 5 years to more than...

    • Publication date : 2009/02/25
  • CO2 applications: First commercial CO2 system in Latin America

    Last April Verdemar supermarket chain inaugurated its fifth store in the suburb of Jardim Canada, Nova Lima -Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is the first Latin American supermarket that uses carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. Its Skyrack Breeze, developed...

    • Publication date : 2011/02/07
  • Oil-free chillers

    At the beginning of 2005, Climavenata will launch its new range of liquid chillers: the "Turbo Efficiency Climaveneta System" (Tecs), which is an oil-free chiller. The range is fitted with Danfoss-Turbocor R-134a centrifugal compressors :...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/10
  • RFID applications

    The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) along the food chain is predicted to rise to € 4.3 billion by 2017. Here are some examples of RFID applications: - Metro, the world's fourth-largest retailer, is implementing RFID technology...

    • Publication date : 2008/02/12
  • Europe: F-gas regulation

    On March 31, 2004, the European Parliament voted in its plenary session on the "F-gas" proposal (Proposal for an European Parliament and Council regulation on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases) of the European Commission dated August 12, 2003...

    • Publication date : 2004/04/28
  • Intelligent fridges

    - It is estimated that networked fridges will be widely used by 2015. How do consumers feel about such fridges that monitor product use, create shopping lists and arrange deliveries online? A recent survey involving 4600 shoppers in 8 countries...

    • Publication date : 2008/08/12
  • Solar absorption air conditioning

    When do you need air conditioning? When it is hot and sunny. This is why Broad Air Conditioning, China, one of the world's largest manufacturers of direct-fired absorption chillers, has been focusing on solar absorption air-conditioning systems...

    • Publication date : 2006/11/15
  • Linear compressors for refrigeration: benefits and challenges

    Linear compressors have significant advantages over conventional crank-driven compressors, but the main challenge remains cost.

    • Publication date : 2018/05/04
  • The benefits of linear compressors

    Three articles published recently in the IJR illustrate the strength of R&D work around linear compressors and highlight the benefits of these, especially in commercial and domestic refrigeration.

    • Publication date : 2020/02/27
  • Noise reduction strategies for screw compressors

    The operating noise of twin-screw compressors is an important issue that may limit their scope of application. Two recent IJR papers suggest several noise reduction methods and analyse their...

    • Publication date : 2021/05/31
  • Taiwanese fruit distributor tracks fresh produce via RFID

    Je-Nong Cooperative Farm has reduced labor costs by adopting plastic crates with embedded passive UHF EPC tags to track its products.

    • Publication date : 2013/11/19
  • LHC season 3: cryogenic cooling system upgrade

    The particle accelerator returned to service in 2022 after numerous improvements, including an increase in cryogenic cooling power at point 4. 

    • Publication date : 2022/05/30
    • Subjects: Technology