Le froid et la sécurité alimentaire. 1. 2. Les produits périssables et leur transport.

La sicurezza degli alimenti. 1. 2. "Deperibili" che viaggiano.

Auteurs : HEAP R.

Type d'article : Article de périodique, Synthèse


This article is the Italian translation of a review article published in the Bulletin of the IIR (see reference 2008-0257). The importance of food safety and security are highlighted, and food safety hazards identified. Technology for the refrigeration of foodstuffs is described, which can help reduce these hazards. Equipment for cooling, chilled storage, refrigerated transport, retail display and domestic use is described. Estimates of equipment in use are given and future needs are considered. Proper use of refrigeration is an important tool in overcoming significant food safety hazards. Proper refrigeration can also help many millions to receive adequate nutrition, by reducing losses of foodstuffs.


  • Titre original : La sicurezza degli alimenti. 1. 2. "Deperibili" che viaggiano.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2009-1142
  • Langues : Italien
  • Source : Bull. IIF-IIR/Freddo - vol. 62 - n. 3
  • Date d'édition : 05/2008


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