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Effects of trehalose and fetal bovine serum on cryopreservation of HBL-100 human breast cells.

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Author(s) : WANG M., LIANG W., YE P., et al.

Type of article: Article


Establishing a high-quality biobank is very important, but the cryprotective agent (CPA) type and concentration have a considerable influence on the cryopreservation effect. In this paper, HBL-100 human breast cells were treated with10% Me2 SO comhined with trehalose (0-0. 3 mol/L) and fetal bovine serum (FBS; 20%-60%) in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM). Through gradual reduction of the temperature , the cells were cooled in a - 80 °C freezer for 4 h and then quickly transferred into liquid nitrogen. After storing for 7 days , the cells were shaken quickly at 37 °C . The cell survival rate was assessed using the trypan blue test , cell counting kit (CCK) assay , and the attached rations after 24 hours. The results show that , compared with the control group ,the effects of the trehalose and FBS are very obvious. In particular, when the trehalose concentration is constant , a higher FBS volume fraction yields a better effect. The FBS has no significant effect without trehalose. Further, when the FBS volume fraction is constant, the optimal effect is obtained for 0. 2 mol/L trehalose. A high trehalose concentration may weaken the effect of the FBS. Considering the cost and other factors,the most suitable CPAs for the cryopreservation of HBL-100 human breast cells are 10% Me2SO +40% -60% FBS +0.2 mol/L trehalose.

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