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Air conditioning system design of Wuxi Hongshan Ruins Museum.

[In Chinese. / En chinois.]

Author(s) : WANG J., LAO Y.

Type of article: Article, Case study


Presents the air conditioning system design of the museum. Located in an open ground and with relatively smaller height made it difficult to coordinate the outdoor air conditioning equipment and architectural effect of the project. By taking water-source heat pump as cold and heat source of air conditioning system, solves the coordination problem and reduces energy consumption. It is simple, practical and flexible to control to use the all-air system and fan coil unit plus fresh air system. The building above the ground level is relative independent, while the air conditioning ducts are laid through a huge underground pipe gallery, the contradiction between interior decoration and air conditioning equipment is well solved, and the indoor artistic requirement is satisfied.

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  • Original title: [In Chinese. / En chinois.]
  • Record ID : 30003759
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Source: HV & AC - vol. 41 - n. 255
  • Publication date: 2011/10


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