Co-generation and renewables: solutions for a low-carbon energy future.


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Co-generation or combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of both electricity and heat from the same fuel, for useful purposes. The fuel varies greatly and can include coal, biomass, natural gas, nuclear material, the sun or the heat stored in the earth.
This paper fills a gap in the energy discussion by focusing on two low-carbon options: co-generation and renewables and also on heat. The need for a holistic approach to these three topics arises from a realisation that strong synergies can exist between the three. The efforts to constrain greenhouse gas emissions and concerns over security of supply of fossil fuels have led to increased attention and policy support for renewable energy over the past decade. Shares of renewable energy supply have risen over the past years and projections show the trend is likely to continue as countries transition to a low-carbon economy.
Extract from the table of contents: energy-efficient supply of low-carbon heat and electricity; renewable co-generation technologies (biomass, geothermal, concentrating solar power); co-generation and variable renewable electricity production.


  • Original title: Co-generation and renewables: solutions for a low-carbon energy future.
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  • Publication: Iea (international energy agency) - France/France
  • Publication date: 2011