Development of room temperature magnetic refrigerator: overall plan.

Number: pap. NS08

Author(s) : HIRANO N., NAGAYA S., KAWANAMI T., et al.


To help reduce the effects of global warming, the authors have developed a refrigerating aggregate that is principally different, in order to serve as a substitute for conventional gas freezers, using fluorocarbon/fluorocarbon gas. In addition, in order to reduce energy consumption from prolonged operating times, they have developed energy-conserving electric equipment that incorporates refrigerating aggregates such as air conditioners. Altering the magnetic field around certain types of magnetic materials changes their temperature (magneto-caloric effect). The authors have conducted R&D to convert magnetic refrigeration technology, which uses this effect and is a highly-efficient, energyconserving/ environment-friendly technology, into practical application. A magnetic refrigeration system using a permanent magnet with a rotational mechanism has been developed. At this time they are working on the development of a highly effective magnetic refrigeration system as a national project in Japan.

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  • Original title: Development of room temperature magnetic refrigerator: overall plan.
  • Record ID : 30000466
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Measures to address climate change. 2010 International Symposium on Next-generation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology: February 17-19, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Publication date: 2010/02/17


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