Energy-efficient buildings, interior climate and energy consumption.

Energie-efficiënte kantoorgebouwen, binnenklimaat en energiegebruik.

Author(s) : ISSO-SBR

Type of monograph: Other


A publication to be used as a tool to evaluate the thermal interior climate of existing as well as planned office buildings. In addition it provides a means of communication between architects, building managers and consultants. It may also be used as a basis for evaluating new or existing accommodation at various stages of design. The tool comprises the results of calculations of the indoor climate and yearly energy consumption obtained by varying important structural and installations factors in a simulation model. Energy consumption is divided into energy consumption for heating, cooling, transport and lighting. Supplies extensive tables and graphics.


  • Original title: Energie-efficiënte kantoorgebouwen, binnenklimaat en energiegebruik.
  • Record ID : 1995-1965
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Publication: Isso-sbr - Netherlands/Netherlands
  • Publication date: 1994/05
  • Source: Source: ISSO-SBR n. 300; 89 p. (21 x 29.7); fig. n. LG 95.00.
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.