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  • LED lighting extends the colour shelf life of meat

    Researchers from Kansas State University, USA, claim they have proved that the use of LED lights in refrigerated display cabinets can improve the shelf life of fresh meat.

    • Publication date : 2012/05/09
  • Lighting systems for cold stores

    Various types of lighting exist for below 0°C temperature cold stores including mercury vapor (MV) lamps, high pressure sodium (HPS) and light-emitting diodes (LED).

    • Publication date : 2014/03/28
  • Innovative material for passive cooling and natural lighting

    Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a polymer-based material that is more transparent to light than regular glass and maintains a comfortable indoor...

    • Publication date : 2024/06/10
  • Efficient fridges reduce German retailer costs

    More efficient refrigeration and LED lighting helped reduce energy costs in the German retail food industry by 5% in 2015.

    • Publication date : 2016/01/21
  • Personalized environment thanks to IoT sensors.

    The building management system (BMS) adjusts lighting, heating, and air-conditioning in real-time, thanks to IoT sensors.

    • Publication date : 2017/02/22
  • Positive impact of recent MEPS on the air conditioner market in China

    In June 2023, CLASP published a report highlighting how a recent, more stringent MEPS precipitated the rise of more efficient air conditioners in just two years.

    • Publication date : 2023/07/24
    • Subjects: Figures, economy, Regulation
  • Briefs: Purdue University

    Purdue University will create a USD 23.5 million Center for High Performance Buildings to design systems for future structures that are more environmentally and user friendly, energy efficient, and safe. The project is funded by the US Commerce...

    • Publication date : 2010/05/27
  • European Commission

    The European Commission presented on August 1, 2008, a proposal to amend current Regulation 2037/2000 on ozone depleting substances (ODS) highlighting the interplay between both the ozone depleting and global warming effect from such substances...

    • Publication date : 2008/10/25
  • Out of ordinary

    Residents of Harbin, China, are not daunted by their long, cold winters. Instead they celebrate by holding the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival. Organized annually since 1985, the festival draws over a million tourists every winter. Teams of sculptors...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • Japan

    In a bid to reduce its carbon emissions to 6% less than 1990 levels by 2010 in line with the Kyoto Protocol and in order to combat the country's current increase of almost 8% in carbon emissions, the Japanese government has drawn up a law that...

    • Publication date : 2006/05/05
  • Out of the ordinary: Vanilla and ice skating on the Eiffel Tower

    Special treat for the festive season: skating on a 200 m² vanilla-perfumed rink 57 m above ground level on the Eiffel Tower, with hot wine and cakes served as refreshments. Installing the rink was a technical feat: 10 tonnes of refrigerating...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Briefs: QNCC

    Opening in 2011, the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) boasts iconic design and cutting edge facilities in a world-first green-technology venue. QNCC is the first of its kind being built to the gold certification of US Green Building...

    • Publication date : 2010/05/27
  • Briefs: Chilled ceilings and beams

    Chilled beams and ceilings, considered to be environmentally friendly, aesthetic, silent and energy saving, are attracting a great deal of interest. BSRIA (the Building Services Research and Information Association) estimates that the market,...

    • Publication date : 2004/07/27
  • Brief: Green towers: big can be green

    The Bank of America's new 1 billion USD national headquarters in New York will be the first skyscraper to apply for a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum rating. It will feature underfloor displacement air ventilation...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • Briefs: Bright future for cool LEDS

    Light-emitting diodes (LED), which are replacing traditional light sources in many fields, are beginning to be used in refrigerated and frozen display cabinets and are likely to make a big impact on refrigeration for several reasons. They are more...

    • Publication date : 2007/08/05