Experimental study on distribution of temperature and humidity field in vertical open display cabinet for fruits and vegetables.

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Author(s) : FU T., LI J., WANG H., et al.

Type of article: Article


In order to investigate the distribution of temperature and relative humidity of the fruit and vegetable open display cabinet with single-band air curtain,an experimental platform of the vertical open display cabinet was used for refrigeration test. The distribution characteristics of temperature and relative humidity of the testing display cabinet under the cooling and temperature raising conditions was analyzed. The effect of night covers was also explored. The experimental results showed that the temperature and humidity are well-distributed under temperature raising condition,and the coefficient variation (CV) of temperature and the relative humidity distribution is 0.25 and 0.08 respectively. The temperature and relative humidity of the right of the display cabinet are higher than those of the left horizontally. The distribution of temperature and relative humidity in four shelves differs significantly (P<0.05) in the orthogonal direction. During the steady-state operation the temperature and relative humidity distribution in four shelves is periodic oscillation and the period is about 17 min. To study the overall temperature and relative humidity of the display cabinet, the linear regression method was used to predict the effect of the relative humidity on the temperature. The regression model showed that temperature is linear with the relative humidity. Night covers can keep the relative humidity and the amplitude of temperature with minor changes,shorten the cooling time and prolong the tem-perature raising time. Compared with no night covers, the average relative humidity is higher by 5. 74%RH and average temperature is lower by 0.43°C. The results will provide references to optimize the performance design of the fruit and vegetable open display cabinet.

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