Greenhouse gas emissions: global business aspects.

Author(s) : SEE M.

Type of monograph: Book


This book principally addresses climate change and describes remedial strategies for developing countries based on the 'Clean development mechanism' of the 'Kyoto Protocol'. It provides a very comprehensive account of the array of proposals and economic instruments devised by the international community - including the Joint Implementation and Emissions Trading initiatives of the Protocol - to abate global warming. The effects of other major atmospheric, land and water pollutants from industries and domestic sources are also covered.


  • Original title: Greenhouse gas emissions: global business aspects.
  • Record ID : 2002-1671
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Regulation, Developing country, Environment, General information
  • Publication: Springer - Germany/Germany
  • Publication date: 2001
  • ISBN: 3540678891
  • Source: Source: 400 p. (16 x 24); fig.; tabl.; index; EUR 92.95.
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