Heat pumps in Norway.

Author(s) : RIVENAES U.


This paper gives an outline of the successful Norwegian Heat Pump Programme that was undertaken in the period 1989-1992, at a cost of USD 3.5 million. The programme has increased the number of heat pumps in Norway, and has developed a very strong platform for further work in the field of heat pumping technologies. A new strategy plan for research, development, demonstration and promotion of heat pumping technologies has been developed for Norway for the period 1993-2000. One of the goals in the new strategy plan is that Norway wish to play a major role in an international effort to demonstrate the safe use of refrigerants with zero ODP and zero GWP in the years ahead. The Norwegian Heat Pump Programme has developed a lot of high quality educational material that could be translated to other languages to avoid duplication of effort.


  • Original title: Heat pumps in Norway.
  • Record ID : 1993-3568
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Figures, economy, General information
  • Source: Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Progress: Proceedings of the 4th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference.
  • Publication date: 1993/04/26
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