High-quality air conditioning with cold air distribution.

Author(s) : ELLESON J. S.


Cold air distribution (5.6-9.4 deg C supply air) has been widely applied because of its benefits of reduced first cost, reduced building height, and reduced energy and electric demand cost. In addition, improvements in comfort and indoor air quality have been noted. However, it has been found that energy savings may be reduced or eliminated by addition of fan-powered mixing boxes. Direct supply of 5.6-9.4 deg C air to a space is practical and desirable, using currently available diffusers. More published test data on the performance of diffusers with 5.6-9.4 deg C air are needed.


  • Original title: High-quality air conditioning with cold air distribution.
  • Record ID : 1992-2959
  • Languages: English
  • Publication date: 1991
  • Source: Source: ASHRAE Trans.
    vol. 97-1; 839-842; 5 fig.; 1 tabl.; 7 ref.
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