Improved gas processing with refluxing exchangers.

Author(s) : FINN A. J.


In cryogenic processing it is important to operate at high thermodynamic efficiency to miniminise or eradicate the need for external refrigeration. The reflux exchanger (dephlegmator) is particularly appropriate to this demand. In a reflux exchanger, both heat and mass transfer occur to effect a separation with high efficiency. The reflux exchanger is a multistage rectification system which is directly analogous to a multiple condenser concept. Reflux liquid is generated throughout the height of the exchanger and the whole exchanger length acts as a large number of separation stages. Four projects show the value of the reflux exchangers: hydrogen recovery from demethaniser overheads, low energy process for NGL/LPG recovery from natural gas, simple process for recovery of ethylene from FCC offgas, process for oilfin recovery from dehydrogenation offgas. J.V.


  • Original title: Improved gas processing with refluxing exchangers.
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  • Publication date: 1994/07
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