Multitemperature transport/multicompartment vehicle vs. minicontainer.

Multitemperatuurtransport, meerkamervoertuig vs. minicontainer.

Author(s) : MEFFERT H. F. T.

Type of article: Article


Multicompartment/multitemperature distribution has attracted the interest of the food trade because of the possibility of savings on logistic costs. The systems offered, however, do not meet the stringent requirements of temperature management. Test methods are still being investigated. Technical development is not yet completed. Alternative solutions such as the splitting of the cargo in self-contained units, offer better thermal and general protection, even in the transhipment links, but require a different level of investment.


  • Original title: Multitemperatuurtransport, meerkamervoertuig vs. minicontainer.
  • Record ID : 2002-1081
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Source: Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 94 - n. 6
  • Publication date: 2001/06
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