New developments in the logistics of refrigeration.

Nouveaux développements de la logistique du froid.

Author(s) : BILLIARD F.


General presentation of recent developments in food production, treatment, preservation, transport and distribution including considerations of the impact on the environment and regulations affecting retailing. The growing diversification of the products sold to the public, notably ready to eat precooked meals, improvement of techniques and means (hydraircooling, humid refrigeration, controlled atmosphere, mixed refrigeration, etc), phase out of CFC emissions, quantitative progress in market share, in mass marketing (59% of food purchase compared to 10% in 1969) and in processed food (85% compared to 70% in 1970) are studied in particular. Y.G.


  • Original title: Nouveaux développements de la logistique du froid.
  • Record ID : 1993-2939
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Figures, economy
  • Publication date: 1992/12/01
  • Source: Source: Colloq. Trans. Technol. Ind. agro-aliment.
    7 p.; 2 fig.; 1 tabl.
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