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Optimum performance and use of the ejector system in refrigeration.

Performances optimales et utilisation du systeme a ejecteur en production de froid.


A tritherm system, in which the compressor is replaced by a R11 ejector, with a 6 kilowatt boiler, is tested in different operating conditions. the flow in the primary nozzle is always supersonic and the ejector operates in the mixed or supersonic regime. the experiments show that for fixed ejector geometry f (square of the ratio of the mixing chamber throat diameter to that of primary nozzle) and condenser temperature, there exists an optimum value of boiler temperature t corresponding to the transition of flow regime. This yields respectively the maximum cooling efficiency at a given evaporator temperature. the higher f, corresponding to the higher t, gives the more important optimum efficiency. the performances decrease slowly in the supersonic regime. as it may be difficult to be at the optimum, it is recommended to operate slightly in the supersonic regime. for air conditioning application, the ejector system is competitive with absorption system (see following abstract).

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  • Original title: Performances optimales et utilisation du systeme a ejecteur en production de froid.
  • Record ID : 1988-1855
  • Languages: French
  • Source: Development in refrigeration, refrigeration for development. Proceedings of the XVIIth international Congress of Refrigeration.
  • Publication date: 1987/08/24


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