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Performance evaluation of a domestic freezer with R600a and zeotropic mixtures of R600a/R290.

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In this study, experiments have been conducted to evaluate the possibility of using an isobutane-propane mixture (R600a/R290) as a drop-in replacement of isobutane (R600a) in a particular domestic freezer. To provide a better enhancement in system cooling performance, zeotropic mixtures of R600a/R290 at specific mass fractions (100-0, 90-10, 80-20, 70-30, 60-40, and 50-50 in percentage) have been investigated by taking the advantage of low GWP and ODP values R290. The experiments have been performed in a 70 cm wide domestic freezer for both pure and zeotropic mixture refrigerants. Quasi-steady cyclic behavior of the freezer has been considered at an ambient temperature of 32°C. In the cyclic behavior, high- and low-pressure levels, required compressor power, and discharge temperature have been evaluated to compare the performance characteristics at various compressor speeds and mixture compositions. With the increasing mass fractions of R290, the run-time ratio of the freezer was observed to be decreasing although the compressor power increased due to higher operating pressure levels of R290. Although the decrease percentage of run-time ratio was between 10.9% and 31.1% case-specific, the corresponding increments in compressor power were between 17.0% and 76.3%. Thus, it has been concluded that further studies should be carried out on enhancing the mechanical losses, isentropic losses, and systematic design variables.

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  • Original title: Performance evaluation of a domestic freezer with R600a and zeotropic mixtures of R600a/R290.
  • Record ID : 30029775
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Technology, HFCs alternatives
  • Source: 15th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (GL2022). Proceedings. Trondheim, Norway, June 13-15th 2022.
  • Publication date: 2022/06/13
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