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Reducing data center energy consumption.

Author(s) : JUDGE J., POUCHET J., EKBOTE A., et al.

Type of article: Article


Rising data center energy consumption and increasing energy costs have combined to elevate the importance of reducing data center energy consumption as a strategy to reduce costs, manage capacity, and promote environmental responsibility. Within almost every organization, data center energy consumption has been driven by demand for greater computing capacity and increased IT centralization. The demand has been increasing by approximately 12% per year. While this was occurring, US electricity prices have increased by 4.4% per year. The financial implications are significant. Estimates of annual power costs for US data centers now range as high as USD 3.3 billion.


  • Original title: Reducing data center energy consumption.
  • Record ID : 2009-0789
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ASHRAE Journal - vol. 50 - n. 11
  • Publication date: 2008/11


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