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Refrigeration Linde-Hampson machine at 90K operation by use of ozone friendly refrigerants.

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The object of this study is a laboratory functional model of the low-temperature Joule-Thomson refrigerating machine operating on the Linde-Hampson cycle. A multi-component zeotropic mixture of hydrocarbons and some other ozone friendly substances is used as the working fluid. A hermetic lubricated compressor with corresponding after-cooling unit, an advanced oil-removing system, an internal heat exchanger of highefficiency, a throttling device and evaporator make the main components of the functional model. Specific composition of the working fluid, hydraulic, temperature and thermal operating parameters of the refrigerator are calculated using an original algorithm of the mixed refrigerant Linde-Hampson cycle thermodynamic calculations elaborated at the ILK Dresden. Using the optimal calculated parameters, the functional model has been developed and experimentally tested. The computational procedure, some design features of the functional model and preliminary results of experimental testing are reported in the present paper.

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  • Original title: Refrigeration Linde-Hampson machine at 90K operation by use of ozone friendly refrigerants.
  • Record ID : 30025753
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Cryogenics 2019. Proceedings of the 15th IIR International Conference: Prague, Czech Republic, April 8-11, 2019.
  • Publication date: 2019/05/08
  • DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18462/iir.cryo.2019.0022


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