Safety code for refrigerating systems utilising carbon dioxide [CD-ROM].

Author(s) : Inst. Refrig.

Type of monograph: Book


The object of this code of practice is to define minimum requirements for safety in the design, construction and installation, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and decommissioning refrigerating systems utilising carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is unusual as a refrigerant in that it may be used in solid form as a store of refrigeration effect (usually at atmospheric pressure), as a heat transferring liquid without vapour compression, as a conventional refrigerant in the practical reversed Rankine cycle and as a refrigerant in transcritical or supercritical cycles. This code of practice is intended to apply within the territory of the United Kingdom, to systems where the motors driving the compressors have a total installed power of more than 25 kW including any standby compressors although most provisions may well apply to smaller systems. It also applies to systems where the refrigerant is changed to carbon dioxide refrigerant and to re-installed systems. Any alteration or repair to systems within the scope of this code shall also comply with its requirements.


  • Original title: Safety code for refrigerating systems utilising carbon dioxide [CD-ROM].
  • Record ID : 2005-2891
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Publication: Institute of refrigeration - United kingdom/United kingdom
  • Publication date: 2003
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  • ISBN: 1872719236
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