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Solubility of R32 and polyolester lubricant mixtures.

Author(s) : TAKAISHI Y., OGUSHI K.


The measurements have been carried out for the range of temperatures from 243 to 303 K and of pressures up to about 2 megapascals. Although the lubricant, polyolester, is known to be miscible in a wide range of temperatures and pressures with other alternative refrigerants such as R125 and R134a, the present pairs clearly exhibit the immiscibility over the range concerned in the paper. The solubility in the miscible region as well as the miscibility limit with a critical consolute temperature of 303 K are presented.

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  • Original title: Solubility of R32 and polyolester lubricant mixtures.
  • Record ID : 1996-1457
  • Languages: English
  • Source: For a Better Quality of Life. 19th International Congress of Refrigeration.
  • Publication date: 1995/08/20
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