Thermodynamic properties of perfluorocyclobutane.

Author(s) : CIPOLLONE R.


A volumetric equation of state for perfluorocyclobutane is presented based on the best fitting of the p-v-T data and the most recent experimental work. By means of an auxiliary equation for the constant specific heat of perfect gas, some thermodynamically derived properties have been analytically calculated and compared with the experimental data available in the literature. The proposed formulation shows a high degree of accuracy in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.


  • Original title: Thermodynamic properties of perfluorocyclobutane.
  • Record ID : 1993-0797
  • Languages: English
  • Publication date: 1991
  • Source: Source: ASHRAE Trans.
    vol. 97; n. 2; 262-267; 8 fig.; 4 tabl.; 20 ref.
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