Viscosity measurements and modeling for R32 and binary mixture of R32/ R1234yf.

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Author(s) : MENG X., SUN Y., CAO F., et al.

Type of article: Article


There is current interest in developing working fluids with low global warming potential (GWP). One such fluid is 2,3,3,3-
tetrafluoroprop-1-ene (R1234yf). Although the thermophysical properties are critical for the selection of the potential refrigerant, only a few studies have been conducted on the thermophysical properties of refrigerant mixtures containing R1234yf. In this work , we focused on the viscosity of R32 and the binary mixture of R32/R1234yf. The liquid viscosity of R32 and binary mixture of R32/R1234yf were presented over the temperature ranges of (263 to 350) K and (263 to 360) K at pressures up to 30 MPa using the vibrating wire viscometer. The measurements of mixtures containing the mole fraction (0.244 8, 0.4108 , 0.608 6 and 0.8356) of R32 were carried out. The overall uncertainties of these results were ?2.0 %. The experimental results of the pure R32 and the mixture were correlated with hard-sphere scheme. The average absolute deviations between the experimental results and the correlations were 0.28 % for R32 and 0.69 % for R32/R1234yf, and the maximum absolute deviations were 0.92 % and 2.09 %, respectively. Comparisons between measurements of this work and literatures were also presented.

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