A low-GWP cooling system for the Eiffel Tower

The ageing R407C cooling system in the tower’s west pillar has been replaced with an energy efficient system using low GWP R1234ze(E).

The Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE), has replaced the ageing R407C cooling system on the tower’s west pillar with an energy efficient system incorporating Honeywell’s R1234ze( E) low GWP refrigerant and equipment provided by component manufacturer AF Energy and French refrigeration specialist ALM Froid. In comparison to HFC R407C, which has a high GWP of 1700, R1234ze( E) is an HFO with a low GWP <1.


Since January 2022, the monument has been equipped with three units of equal capacity (40kW) using R1234ze( E). The refrigerant charge is lower than for an HFC, about 7 to 8 kg for 40kW. By combining R1234ze( E) HFO with variable speed control on the compressors and condensers, the new cooling system has a COP of 6, making it a very energy efficient solution.


It was decided to replace the old 120kW system with three units for safety reasons. This means that if one unit fails, the others take over. The three 40kW units are independent but communicate with each other to allow for a rotation of operating times. In addition, the equipment is integrated into a stabilised network thanks to a Tickelman loop. The principle of this loop allows an equalization of the load losses between the different branches of the network by assigning them each the same length, the same bends and the same equipment.


As far as maintenance is concerned, the availability of spare parts, which are accessible in the conventional distribution networks, allows a quick intervention and breakdown service. Moreover, maintenance and repair can be easily carried out by any refrigeration technician as this technology does not require any special skills.




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Image source: https://pxhere.com/fr/photo/783482