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Follow the most recent activities of the IIR and its international network, and explore how we are committed to promoting knowledge of refrigeration technologies and applications for sustainable development.

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  • Brief: Prof. Clark Bullard

    Prof. Clark Bullard, President of the IIR's Commission B2, was awarded the UK Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) J & E Hall Gold Medal on February 9, 2005 during the IoR's prestigious 105th Anniversary Dinner held in London. This award for the...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • IIR members benefit from new services

    Members of the IIR will soon have a new service available via the Web site of the IIR: a directory of research organizations comprising information on 200 laboratories (worldwide) specialized in one or more refrigeration fields, full details on...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • New IIR publication: Serving the Needs of Mankind: a History of Refrigeration

    This 40-minute DVD produced for the 21 st IIR International Congress of Refrigeration held in Washington DC in August 2003 retraces the history of refrigeration from prehistoric times to today and touches on future challenges and potential...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • New IIR publication: Latest Developments in Refrigerated Storage, Transportation and Display of Food Products

    The proceedings of Latest Developments in Refrigerated Storage, Transportation and Display of Food Products, an IIR conference involving Commissions C2, D1 with D2, held in Amman, Jordan, on March 28-30, 2005 comprise 24 papers. within the...

    • Publication date : 2005/06/14
  • Participation of the IIR at COP-10

    On December 6-18, 2004, over 6100 participants from 169 countries attended the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP-10) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  held at the Rural Exhibition Center in Buenos Aires ,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Editorial by Didier Coulomb

    2005 will bring many changes in the field of refrigeration as a whole, and also in the IIR's activities. Discussions on climate change are in the limelight thanks to the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol which will further limit the use of...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • IIR Committee meetings

    - The Management Committee (MC) of the IIR, chaired by H. van der Ree, met at the head office of the IIR on November 6, 2004. The MC held a large strategic debate on the future, the position of the IIR and communication to be developed,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Conference report: An important event in Saint Petersburg

    The IIR-co-sponsored International Conference on the "Conservation of Genetic Resources", was held in Saint Petersburg at the prestigious Institute of Cytology (Russian Academy of Sciences), on October 19-22, 2004. There were 120 participants from...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Conference report: Russia

    Russia : the IIR co-sponsored the International Conference on the "Refrigeration Industry in 21st Century". The conference was held in Moscow on December 6-8, 2004, at the International Industrial Academy. Many presentations were food-industry...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Conference report: Australia

    Postharvest Unlimited Downunder 2004, an IIR-co-sponsored conference, was held in Sydney, Australia, on November 9-12, 2004, with as theme "Postharvest technologies for the delivery of high quality horticultural products - implementation based on...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Visit: Cameroon

    In November 2004, Philippe Mbesse, the Delegate of Cameroon to the IIR, and Didier Coulomb, met the Ambassador of Cameroon to France, His Excellency Mr Pascal Biloa Tang, in order to strengthen the links between Cameroon and the IIR.

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Visit: Kazakhstan

    In December 2004, Didier Coulomb met the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to France, His Excellency Mr Doulat Kuanyshev, in order to present the IIR.

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Visit: Lebanon

    In December, 2004, Mr Michel Afram, Managing Director of LARI (Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, a Corporate Member of the IIR), with three members of the Board of LARI, and Mr Fares Charbel, Delegate of Lebanon to the IIR, visited the...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • New IIR publication: Informatory Note

    The IIR has published the 3rd Informatory Note on Refrigeration and Food "Temperature Indicators and Time-Temperature Integrators", written by Leif Bøgh-Sørensen, past President of IIR Commission C2, and Göran Löndahl, member of IIR Commission C2,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • New IIR publication: Proceedings

    The proceedings (CD-ROM) of the IIR Compressors 2004 conference held in Casta Papiernicka, Slovakia, on September 29-October 1, 2004 contains 41 papers. It also contains 27 papers presented at the previous event in the series, Compressors 2001,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • New IIR publication: Compendium

    The Food Research Institute of Prague and the IIR have co-published a compendium entitled "Thermophysical Properties of Food: Selected Fruits and Vegetables". This book presents a critical literature review of data on the freezing point, density,...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Brief: François Billiard

    François Billiard became Honorary Director of the IIR on November 6, 2004 in the presence of members of the Management Committee of the IIR. Henk van der Ree, President of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee, presented François...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Brief: Obituary

    The IIR was deeply saddened to learn that Dr Josko Simoncic died on December 31, 2004 at the age of 90. He was for many years Delegate of Yugoslavia to the IIR. He was Professor at Belgrade University and a member of IIR Commission V (Cold Storage...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Conferences

    Interested in refrigerated storage, transportation and display of food products? Find out more: http://fetweb.ju.edu.jo/conferences/confiir/confiir.html...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Newsletter survey: outcome

    Many thanks to those of you - over 300 - who devoted a little time to answering the "Newsletter of the IIR …What do you think of it?" survey issued in Newsletter No. 19. A striking feature of this survey was the high level of satisfaction it...

    • Publication date : 2005/02/11
  • Editorial by François Billiard

    I am moved as I write these lines: I left the IIR on October 1, 2004, following a 5-year mandate as Director; the Executive Committee elected me on June 13, 1998. Thanks to the IIR's members, the members of its statutory committees, and the staff...

    • Publication date : 2004/11/10
  • Editorial by Eric Granryd

    The IIR is by no means a young organization- it will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary- but is using modern management approaches. Thus, earlier this year the IIR formed a new independent committee to examine achievements arising from the...

    • Publication date : 2004/07/27
  • June 2004: fruitful meetings of the IIR’s statutory committees

    Here are some highlights of the annual meetings of the IIR's statutory bodies (Management Committee, Science and Technology Council [STC] and Executive Committee): Strategic Plan of the IIR Four years after having adopted its Strategic...

    • Publication date : 2004/07/27
  • Editorial by Arne Bredesen

    The General Conference of the IIR endorsed the IIR Strategic Plan during the Sydney Congress in September 1999. This document defined key directions for the future. The preparation of the Strategic Plan involved 200 people, both from within the...

    • Publication date : 2004/04/28