IIR Member news: GEA installs a transcritical CO2 system on cruise ships.

International technology group GEA signed a contract with P&O Cruises, the world’s largest commercial cruise ship operator, for its new transcritical CO2 industrial refrigeration technology.

The IIR member GEA is a global equipment and process technology provider. Among its different specialties, GEA provides high performance equipment for the marine sector, including air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing technologies.

GEA recently signed a contract for a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system with P&O Cruises, the world's largest commercial cruise ship operator. GEA has already installed this refrigeration technology on board P&O Cruises 2,000-passenger ship Arcadia, where it will deliver the energy-efficient cooling supply for all of the ship’s food and beverage refrigeration units.



The modular transcritical-type CO2 plants operate using multiple GEA Bock compressors, which are ideally suited to the high pressures of CO2 refrigeration systems. Redundancy is built in the plant, so that failure of one or even multiple compressors will not cause the system to stop working.

GEA says it has harnessed more than 100 years of expertise in the design and construction of industrial refrigeration plants to develop the new transcritical CO2 technology, specifically for use on ships.

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