Update of the EU F-Gas regulation: the debate remains open

On March 1, the European Parliament’s ENVI committee voted 64-8 in favour of accelerating the F-Gas regulation. 

In Europe, the revision of the Regulation No 517/2014 “F-Gas”  is ongoing. 
On March 1st, the European Parliament's ENVI* committee adopted a proposal to revise F-Gaz, which sparked various reactions. 
The adopted proposal slightly relaxes the HFC ban deadlines for air conditioning systems and heat pumps. These deadlines are generally extended by one year. 
While the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) has endorsed this proposal, many actors in the refrigeration sector, such as EPEE, are worried about these bans, which they believe remain unrealistic, in particular as regards replacing HFCs with propane in heat pumps and will form the Parliament's negotiating position with EU governments on the final form of the legislation. 
The proposal will be voted on in the European Parliament at the end of March


Read the proposal

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* Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety