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A cryogenic ultra purifier for liquid nitrogen backup, in electronics industry.

Author(s) : GARY D.


The electronics industry needs ultra high purity gases for its product manufacturing. In some cases the impurities may not exceed 1 part per billion. High purity nitrogen is the main product used. Typically, this ultra pure nitrogen is produced by a plant installed on the customer's site, which may involve cryogenic distillation plus purification techniques for achieving the required purities. In case of a unit failure or a peak in consumption, the ultra pure nitrogen can be provided by a back-up storage, located nearby the plant. In some cases, cryogenic plants produce only ultra pure gaseous nitrogen. The back up storage has then to be fed from trucks with standard liquid nitrogen, produced by a non electronic unit. Typically, this standard liquid nitrogen contains impurities such as CO and O2, because part per billion cryogenic dsitillation is not achieved in that case. Air Liquide has developed a dedicated solution to purify standard liquid nitrogen withdrawn from trucks: CO and O2 are removed by adsorption through a cryogenic ultra purifier, specially designed for electronics requirements. Ultra pure liquid nitrogen is then fed to the storage.

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  • Original title: A cryogenic ultra purifier for liquid nitrogen backup, in electronics industry.
  • Record ID : 1998-0047
  • Languages: English
  • Source: MUST 1996. Meeting on Air Separation Technology
  • Publication date: 1996/10/10
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