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Abstract description of supermarket systems and simulation using the functional mock-up interface.

Number: pap. 1123

Author(s) : JÄSCHKE J. N., FIDORRA N., SCHULZE C., et al.


Simulating supermarkets and their components is a commonly used approach to optimize design and operation regarding energy efficiency. Supermarkets consist of various interacting subsystems, like building, refrigeration, HVAC, heating systems and display cabinets. Although the specific configuration of these subsystems is unique in each supermarket, they can be categorized into certain commonly used supermarket layouts. High overall energy efficiency is only achievable when the design, control and operation condition of all the components of a layout are adjusted to each other. Since the components belong to different domains, they require different modelling and simulation approaches and often specialized simulation tools are required. Representing the interactions of the unlike subsystems in a supermarket can thus require certain effort for coupling specialized simulation tools or adapting simulation models into a common platform. The functional mock-up interface (FMI) is a tool independent standard for model exchange and co-simulation and can be used for simulation of dynamic systems created with different modelling tools. An abstract description of a supermarket defines the interfaces between the simulation models, without specifying the used mathematical model inside. This enables the exchange of simulation models, which are in conformance with the interface definition. This paper demonstrates how abstract description of supermarkets and FMI-based models can be used to simulate supermarkets. Possible applications of this simulation approach are: evaluation and comparison of supermarket concepts; parameter studies; component testbeds. Simulations of a case study supermarket, where refrigeration units using synthetic refrigerants are replaced with those using natural ones, exemplify these applications.

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  • Original title: Abstract description of supermarket systems and simulation using the functional mock-up interface.
  • Record ID : 30019101
  • Languages: English
  • Source: 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants (GL2016). Proceedings. Édimbourg, United Kingdom, August 21st-24th 2016.
  • Publication date: 2016/08/21
  • DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18462/iir.gl.2016.1123


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