AFEAS brochure. 1997 update.

Author(s) : AFEAS

Type of monograph: Booklet


Extract from the table of contents: Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer; production and sales of fluorocarbons; atmospheric chlorine: CFCs and alternative fluorocarbons; contribution of greenhouse gases to climate forcing relative to CO2; total global warming impact and TEWI; breakdown products of alternatives; environmental fate of trifluoroacetyl halides; trifluoroacetic acid and seasonal wetlands; UV-B radiation; glossary of terms.


  • Original title: AFEAS brochure. 1997 update.
  • Record ID : 1998-0687
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Figures, economy, Regulation, Environment
  • Publication: Afeas (alternative fluorocarbons environmental acceptability study) - United states/United states
  • Publication date: 1997
  • Source: Source: 29 p. (21.6 x 28); fig.; tabl.
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.