Air treatment for painting cabins.

Le traitement d'air pour les cabines de peinture.

Author(s) : HEYNDRICKX F.

Type of article: Article


Industrial painting cabins need fully regulated air conditioning in terms of temperature and humidity, with air flow for a single cabin for automobiles from 400 000 to 500 000 m3/h. Air can be taken from the outside (needing high heat loads,) or in recirculation difficulties because of humidity and solvent concentration, which presents lower energy consumption. Double casing air-handling units (AHU) include direct gas burner or hot water coils for heating purposes; for cooling, chilled water is mainly used, but direct expansion cooling systems are being developed that enable condensers to be used for the post heating circuit. Humidification using low-pressure frontal spraying is widespread because of its reliability and low maintenance. In recirculation systems, free wheel fans with a motor outside the air flow are mostly used, or double inlet casing fans, in France, still dominate for outside AHU. Regulation integrates many regulating and saving functions of the various parameters. This type or air conditioning is similar to that of clean rooms. German technologies and know-how are leading throughout Europe.


  • Original title: Le traitement d'air pour les cabines de peinture.
  • Record ID : 2008-1771
  • Languages: French
  • Subject: Technology
  • Source: Revue générale du Froid & du Conditionnement d'air - n. 1080
  • Publication date: 2008/01


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