Concentration shift in refrigerant mixtures.

[In German. / En allemand.]

Author(s) : KRUSE H., CHEN J.

Type of article: Article


Mixtures become an alternative to R22 and R502. At the moment non-azeotropic mixtures like R407A or R407C, near azeotropic mixtures like R404A, and azeotropic mixtures are available as substitutes with refrigerant mixtures. Fractionation in the case of leakage, or a different oil solubility, may occur, influencing the pressures and temperatures of the refrigerant cycle and perhaps the energy performance and possibly leading to flammable refrigerant compositions.


  • Original title: [In German. / En allemand.]
  • Record ID : 1997-3202
  • Languages: German
  • Source: KI Luft Kältetech. - n. 11
  • Publication date: 1996/11
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