Confusion, distrust still dominate recycling issues.

Author(s) : QUINN B. P., JOHNSON W.

Type of article: Article


A survey of refrigeration contractors in the USA discovered an alarming lack of knowledge regarding the phase out and recovery of CFCs. Many appeared ignorant of the July 1st 1992 requirement that no venting of CFC or HCFC refrigerants should be permitted after that date. A considerable number were dissatisfied with the recovery units available. D.W.H.


  • Original title: Confusion, distrust still dominate recycling issues.
  • Record ID : 1993-1283
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Source: Air Cond. Heat. Refrig. News - vol. 186 - n. 9
  • Publication date: 1992/06/29
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