Dual-energy heat recovery systems using ammonia-water mixtures.

[In Romanian. / En roumain.]

Author(s) : MINEA V., CHIRIAC F.

Type of article: Article


An ammonia-water mixture can be used as an efficient working fluid in industrial-type heat recovery heat pumps and heat transformers. Several configurations of such systems are possible depending on the availability of the waste (thermal) and primary (thermal or electrical) energy sources. The paper presents a portion of both author's experience in the development, design and industrial demonstration of medium-temperature ammonia-water-based, dual-energy heat recovery systems for domestic or process hot water (compression/re-sorption) and intermittent or continuous ice production (two-stage absorption). Firstly, by using reciprocating dry ammonia compressors, an industrial pilot was developed in order to produce and supply hot water to a large residential district. The system configuration, as well as the main thermodynamic and hydraulic parameters, and specific operating experiences are presented. Secondly, using medium-temperature hot water prepared with parabolic solar collectors as a main primary energy source, a two-stage, industrial-scale absorption system for ice production was built and tested in a typical temperate climate. The main characteristics of the system, refrigeration circuits and operating modes are succinctly described.


  • Original title: [In Romanian. / En roumain.]
  • Record ID : 2006-2057
  • Languages: Romanian
  • Source: FRIGO-CLIMA - n. 4. 24-27
  • Publication date: 2004


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