Equipment for refrigerants with lower (A2L) and higher (A3) flammability.

Author(s) : AREA, BUONI M.

Type of monograph: Guide/Handbook


AREA, the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors association, has published a guide on equipment for low GWP flammable refrigerants.
The guide provides service technicians with a tool to understand the equipment that should be used to service refrigeration plants containing flammable low GWP refrigerants in category A2L (lower flammability) or A3 (higher flammability).
Alternative refrigerants to HFCs will be used increasingly as a result of the new EU F-gas Regulation and the probable future international phase-down of High Global Warming Potential Substances. Since many of these alternative refrigerants are flammable, it is important to ensure that service technicians use the right equipment to handle them safely.
Therefore, AREA has decided to issue a guide to provide service technicians with a tool for installation, maintenance and repair of future equipment containing flammable low GWP refrigerants. It complements the AREA Guidance on minimum requirements for contractors’ training & certification, which deals with competence of personnel.


  • Original title: Equipment for refrigerants with lower (A2L) and higher (A3) flammability.
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  • Languages: English
  • Subject: Regulation, HFCs alternatives
  • Publication: Area (air conditioning & refrigeration european association) - Belgium/Belgium
  • Publication date: 2016/04