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Fundamentals of refrigeration.

Author(s) : KELLY T. J.


This short course is devoted to: describe the basic principles of refrigeration system operation; lead someone to understand 10 common refrigeration terms; develop a p-h diagram to use as a system analysis tool; use a p-h diagram to describe basic system operation in high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature and multi-stage refrigeration systems; identify and place common system elements and components in the refrigeration system and understand their function in system operation; understand basic system layouts associated with commercial store refrigeration.

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  • Original title: Fundamentals of refrigeration.
  • Record ID : 2005-2879
  • Languages: English
  • Subject: General information
  • Source: 21st IIR International Congress of Refrigeration: Serving the Needs of Mankind.
  • Publication date: 2003/08/17


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