Introduction to alternatives for high-GWP HFC refrigerants.

Number: pap. 12

Author(s) : BROWN J. S.


This paper is an introduction to alternatives to high-GWP HFC refrigerants, particularly halogenated olefins, and more specifically fluorinated propene isomers. A summary of fluorinated propene isomer-based blends (AC-1, DP-1, Fluid H, and JDH) that were investigated as part of the Society of Automotive Engineer’s (SAE) Cooperative Research Program (CRP150) is provided. These blends were designed to possess GWP values less than 150 in order to meet the European Union’s Mobile Directive; however, they were later abandoned because some of the blend components demonstrated concerns related to toxicity, ODP, and/or reactivity. After the abandonment of these blends, CRP1234 was initiated by SAE to focus its development efforts on R1234yf. In addition to R1234yf, a few other olefins are being investigated as potential refrigerants by the HVAC&R industry, as indicated by the level of patent activity. To demonstrate the performance potentials of some of these blends, simulations are conducted for several fluorinated propene isomer-based blends for typical unitary A/C applications. In addition to these simulations, some of the advantages and disadvantages of fluorinated propene isomers are discussed.

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  • Original title: Introduction to alternatives for high-GWP HFC refrigerants.
  • Record ID : 30007988
  • Languages: English
  • Source: ASHRAE/NIST Refrigerants Conference: moving towards sustainability.
  • Publication date: 2012/10/29


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