Marine transport under controlled temperature.

Le transport maritime sous température dirigée.

Author(s) : MERLE L.

Type of monograph: Thesis


This "Master II Professionnel" thesis in marine and transport law studies the specific features of marine transport under controlled temperature and analyses legal challenges and disputes generated by this type of transport. The foodstuffs involved are perishables or non-food products such as flowers, plants, pharmaceuticals or chemicals. International trade in perishables is divided into seven groups of main products such as: meat, fish, dairy products, fruit from temperate regions, citrus fruit, bananas and tropical fruit. Some perishables are generally transported when dead (in particular fish and meat), others (in particular produce, plants, bulbs and cut flowers) remain live. Extract from the table of contents: 1. Refrigerated marine transport (transport of perishable products; transportation methods, controlled temperature and atmosphere in containers. 2. Legal issues concerning container transport (legal obligations of the shipper and client). The thesis may be downloaded at:


  • Original title: Le transport maritime sous température dirigée.
  • Record ID : 2009-0940
  • Languages: French
  • Publication: Université de droit, d'economie et des sciences d'aix-marseille, faculté de droit et de science politique d'aix-marseille, centre de droit maritime et des transports - France/France
  • Publication date: 2006
  • Source: Source: 85 p. (21 x 29.7); fig.; phot.; tabl.; ref.; 3 append.