Numerical analysis of refrigerant/oil mixture in a vertical U-tube.

[In Chinese. / En chinois.]

Author(s) : CAO X., ZENG W., CHEN H., et al.

Type of article: Article


EES software was used to simulate the flow of refrigerant and oil underground U-tube of the direct expansion ground source heat pump. The results show that: the pressure of refrigerant/oil mixture first increases and then decreases along the U-tube; the temperature of refrigerant/oil mixture increases firstly and then decreases, in superheat region, the temperature rises sharply; the refrigerant/oil mixture exists in U-tube mainly as annular flow; the minimum refrigerant/oil return velocity is increasing when the U-tube of the experimental system can return normally.

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  • Original title: [In Chinese. / En chinois.]
  • Record ID : 30004209
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Source: Journal of Refrigeration - vol. 33 - n. 143
  • Publication date: 2012/02


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