Percutaneous cryotherapy of renal cell carcinoma under an open MRI system.


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This book is volume 3 in the series Horizons in Cancer Research. The increasing number of small renal tumours being detected had led to the recent development of nephron-sparing surgery. Cryotherapy has become an important treatment option for renal tumours. The recent advances in cryosurgery have occurred as a result of the recent introduction of open-type magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This book details research on percutaneous freezing therapy by means of MR image monitoring for hepatic carcinomas, renal carcinomas and uterine fibroids. The therapy allows minimizing damage to the tissue around the frozen area. Extract from the table of contents: short history of cryosurgery in cryomedicine; cryoimmunology is not a myth! Introduction of cryoimmunology; mechanism of cryoablation of the tissues; novel cryoablation systems; why MRI for the monitoring of renal cryotherapy; open MRI and image navigation system; correlation between pathological change and MR imaging; clinical results of MRI guided cryotherapy of renal tumours.


  • Original title: Percutaneous cryotherapy of renal cell carcinoma under an open MRI system.
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  • Publication date: 2005
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