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Saving Energy in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat-Pump Technology.

Economies d'énergie dans les domaines du froid, du conditionnement d'air et des pompes à chaleur.

Author(s) : PEARSON S. F. (ed.)

Type of monograph: Guide/Handbook


This book is the French translation of the English version of the guide (see the Bulletin of the IIR, reference 2008-0427). It presents all solutions making it possible to reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, including heat pumps. This is a vital issue as these systems consume approximately 15% of worldwide electricity. These solutions apply to the design, operation and maintenance of various systems and take refrigerant selection into account. Several practical cases of highly energy-efficient systems are presented, as well as an extensive bibliography and an overview of the main applicable regulations and standards. Extract from the table of contents: overview of applications (refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps); reducing heat loads (insulated envelope and thermal insulation; design opportunities: systems (characteristics of an efficient system; minimizing temperature difference; unloading and capacity control; minimizing load; defrosting; free cooling systems; pumpless overfeed systems; system control); design opportunities: equipment (compressors; condensers; expansion devices; evaporators); energy-efficient operation (maintaining minimum load; minimizing internal leakage; monitoring; capacity control of compressors; refrigerant loss; oil cooling; secondary systems); heat recovery opportunities (screw compressor oil coolers; condensers; heat pumps; combined systems); energy storage and natural cooling; codes, standards and regulations; case studies (supermarket, food freezer, hospital, building).

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