Space Cryogenics Workshop. Proceedings.

Date: 1993.07.20 / 1993.07.21

Location: San Jose, United States


This special issue of "Cryogenics" includes the 18 papers of this workshop, held on July 20-21, 1993, in San Jose, USA. It was sponsored by the IIR Commission A1/2. At the 1993 Workshop, findings from two flight projects were reported on, i.e. the Lambda Point Experiment in Microgravity and the Superfluid Helium On-Orbit Transfer (SHOOT) Experiment. All the papers will be abstracted in a future issue of the IIR Bulletin.


  • Original title: Space Cryogenics Workshop. Proceedings.
  • Organiser : CEC, IIF-IIR
  • Record ID : 1994-3289
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 0
  • Publication: Butterworth-heinemann - United kingdom/United kingdom
  • ISSN: 00112275
  • Conference type: Other conference (non-IIR)
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